With almost two decades of combined experience building retro gaming solutions and lifelong love of all things arcade, the team has decided to open up the lab so that everyone can experience the creations we’re cooking up. With an artisan’s dedication to fine craftsmanship and an eye for authenticity, but also a flair for uniquely engineered approaches, we’re ready to offer you all of the classic retro pinball and arcade cabinet hardware you could want from 80’s and 90’s classics to custom designed masterpieces, meticulously done to your specifications. We embrace the DIY enthusiasts and the roots we came from, as well as those that just want a seamless plug and play experience. Offering reproduction arcade games, custom cabinets as well as DIY options for arcade and virtual pinball kits to get you up and running in no time. Our pro grade CNC will be here in June, and we will be taking orders in July. Please get in touch for more information.