What are the dimensions of the widebody version of the Williams Style VPIN Cabinet? 52”Long, 24.8” Wide(body), Stand height base on legs Backbox if going with a widebody backbox it would be” 30.2”

What is the difference between the Williams and Stern Style cabinets? Leg stance is different (where it's bolted into the cabinet), also backbox is more rounded on a Stern.

If I want a Williams style cabinet and backbox, can I still get a Stern style DMD pane?  We can do a full DMD on a Williams style build. But Williams Backbox needs to be made slightly taller than OEM to accommodate a Stern style DMD panel. 

Can a backbox and speaker panel be purchased separately? Yes!

What size is the opening for a Stern DMD and what size monitor would it fit? 15.6” 195X345mm

What size monitor(s) should I buy for my backbox? Standard Backbox fits 28" monitor and 15.6" FULLDMD or Widebody fita 32" monitor and 15.6" FULLDMD

Do you guys charge anything on top of your hardware for fully trimmed or custom cabinets? No. We charge whatever the going price is and pass that cost through without additional charges. We charge for design time and labor. 

What is SSF? This stands for surround sound feedback, this is a less expensive alternative to solenoids and real pinball mechs. It's typically done via speakers called exciters that are connected directly to the sides of the cabinet, 3 small amplifiers, and a 7.1 surround card. This simulates the ball rolling, flipper sounds, and pop bumpers...all in the right place on the playfield. Check out this video for more details. 

What is DOF? DOF stands for Direct output feedback, this is a software communication layer in VPX which allows for the toys, mechs, LEDS, etc. to be triggered via a hardware controller. Major Frenchy has a great write up on his site that covers this topic.

Why do I need Solenoids? You don't! But if you don't have real flipper mechs or SSF, they are a great way to add immersion to your experience by firing off when flippers, slings, or pop bumpers are hit in VPX. Some folks even use them in conjunction with SSF. 

What are “real mechs” and “toys”? While SSF and Solenoids like Thunderclaps are great, nothing replaces the real thing. Some of our custom builds use real flippers, pop bumpers, and slings below the playfield! Nothing sounds better than the real thing. Other toys that can be added that simulate features of real pinball machines, like a shaker motor, gear motor, bells, chimes, knockers, and even a blower fan. Check out a real vs mech video we've done.

Why should I care about 60hz vs. 120hz when it comes to my playfield monitor? If you have a high powered enough GPU, you can take advantage of a higher frame rate. This makes the ball motion look much more fluid for virtual pinball. 

What size playfield should I get? This is personal preference but most folks go with a 40" playfield for a standard body cab and 43" playfield for a widebody cab. We've even figured out a way to decase a 43" Asus monitor to fit in a standard cab by routing the sides of the cabinet!

What about artwork? There are a few places you can get free artwork, or we can custom design some for you! 

What size cabinet should I get? Again, personal preference, and usually dependent on your playfield. You can also base this on a certain real table you're trying to use as your theme. 

What’s a lockdown bar and why do I need one, and why does it have a button? Your lockdown bar holds the glass in place, some newer games in VPX use the fire button as part of the gameplay (Guardians of the Galaxy) or as a launch button. 

Can I mix and match options that aren’t on your site? Yes! Let us know what you're thinking. We can start ideating today. 

Why do I need a coin door? We try to match the look and feel of the real OEM cabinets, so some of it is aesthetic, but you can also upgrade to a coin door that has service buttons just like a real pin which you can program for different things within VPX. 

Don't see answers to your questions? Let us know!