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Williams Style VPIN Cabinet

Williams Style VPIN Cabinet

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Want a Williams style cabinet but have some specific size requirements like a larger playfield? Reach out to us to discuss your options.


Flat Pack -Professionally CNC’d cabinet and backbox. Flatpack includes all the panels needed for your DIY Project. Assembly and basic understanding of woodworking is required! This does NOT include any monitor mounts, a DMD panel or anything other than JUST the cabinet panels.

Unfinished - Professionally CNC’d cabinet, fully assembled, cleated complete in cab, all holes drilled, ready to be primed/sanded/painted. What’s not included: Artwork, hardware, coin doors, speaker panels. This is JUST the barebones plywood cabinet.

Fully Trimmed 
- Professionally CNC’d cabinet/backbox. Includes  Leg Protectors, (2)Buttons, Generic coin door and hardware. What’s not included: Playfield or Backglass monitors, PC, Wiring, Playfield/backbox Glass, DMD Panel, Williams/Stern Style Coin door. 

** AS OF 7/10/23, we have added some addition cost to our fully trimmed cabinets as we  are now using Laminated birch core plywood that is already wrapped black for a cleaner look of the overall cabinet. This does not include the back panels for backbox or the base of the cabinet **

*** Art package is a separate cost on our website, and setup as an option ***

 Flat Pack and Unfinished options come in a Maple/Birch Core. Fully trimmed are now all Premium Laminated Birch Core Plywood.. 


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